In Preparation for Dubai Expo 2020

In Preparation for Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020

With the recent announcement of Dubai winning its bid for Expo 2020, prominent members of the public and private sector gathered for a Host Cities Summit in Dubai to make preparations for one of the world’s largest events.

Cooperation between the public and private sector will be integral in ensuring the success of Expo 2020, and the city will see an overlapping, if not integration, of some aspects of both sectors in order to drive the Expo, from logistics to functionality across the board.

Along with the pairing of the two sectors, marketing will be another key aspect that both will need to work together on to attract more investors and visitors, which are expected to reach as much as 20 million by 2020.  An example of this cooperation would be a marketing firm coordinating with public transport on placing advertisements in strategic locations to inform the population of new developments and opportunities, while other marketing endeavors would target current visitors to return for the Expo, and future visitors of how to navigate everything the Expo has to offer.

At the moment plans of revamping and boosting Dubai’s infrastructure are already under way, even construction has already begun in places. However, some experts are advising that development should span the whole country, not just the city of Dubai; that way the country grows together, at a uniform pace and economic disparity isn’t separating different region of the UAE. Such improvements would be focusing on bridges, roads, airports, lodging/hospitality, public transportation, etc. Even small improvements such as expanding the hours of operation for the metro would be immensely helpful.

Also, with the expansion of the airport, Dubai will be linked to more and more locations leading up to 2020, something that has already been in place over the past few years, prior to any Expo bid. Emirates Airlines also announced the addition of 200 more aircraft to its supply to cope with the increasing demand.


The annual budget of Emirates to sponsor major events across the globe is set at Dh 1 billion, with another Dh1 billion to promote the event and for advertising, a truly massive investment that accounts for two percent of the companies profits.

That being said, Emirates will have an integral role in sponsoring and marking the Dubai Expo 2020, and is set to be the largest sponsor of the event.  Coordination between Emirates and the public sector for marketing is exactly the kind of relationship that Dubai hopes to see in order to drive more investment and visitors to the Expo.  Talk to a financial adviser at Globaleye to find out about new investment opportunities coming with the Expo.

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